Fairy Houses!

Click for 14 more Fairy House photos

Click for 14 more Fairy House photos

Turns out my paddle partners on Whidbey are also Fairy House enthusiasts.

I was telling them about the wild & wonderful trip I took to Monhegan Island back in 2007. I had just received a book for Christmas from my Mom (who knows I love fairies) on Fairy Houses and totally loved it, but must have spaced out on where it actually was.

The next fall, my aunt & uncle were having a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Maine, and flew us up there (What a trip! Talk about artsy little towns!) As part of the celebration, we took a little boat over to Monhegan Island, and it wasn’t until I got off the boat that I realized- THIS IS THE PLACE IN THE BOOK!

So I quickly impressed on the gift shop lady the importance of telling me where they were (I’m usually not so pushy, honest!) and headed off to the woods.

Fairy houses have a few rules: They must be made with natural materials (nothing living, like flowers or mosses.) And no tearing up their surroundings (because the fairies don’t like that.) Build them in a quiet place, where the fairies won’t be disturbed.

Other than that, use your imagination…

And here are 2 books to get you even more excited:

Fairy Houses (This is the one that got me hooked.)
Fairy Houses… Everywhere! (Thank you, J, for recommending it. It is gorgeous!)

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  1. Vera says:

    We have lots of photos to add to your collection- we have been photographing firy houses and fairies for a few years…how can we get them to you?