I heart Picnik.com

Langley, WA Langley, WA

I’m having so much fun w/my camera now that my new batteries have arrived. I’ve just been roaming all over taking photos of nearly everything.

One thing I’m not very good at is editing photos, though. So I post them “as is” or more likely (big sigh) they live on my hard drive waiting for me to get the skills to actually do something to prettify them.

Anyway, I found a site: Picnik, that is absolutely made for people like me. It’s a webapp, so you don’t even need to download anything (yay!) And you can play with it before you even sign up, to see that yes, indeedy, you can do it! Once you sign up, you have even more options to play with. And there’s also a premium option ($24.95/yr) that gives even MORE fun stuff.

I changed the above photo in about 5 minutes. Yes, me- all by myself. And it was fun! I didn’t even have to call tech support or have a quasi-artistic meltdown.

Now I want to play with the collages and before & afters. Oh, and I promised those fairy house pictures for J… Oh, I’m going to be busy!


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