Love & Cupcakes…


Well, Pete & Jo are officially engaged now, and there are the cupcakes to prove it!

Jo’s family put on a wonderful engagement party with friends, relatives & neighbors all celebrating together.

I was so touched by how Jo’s sisters really got into it. J stayed up all night making these wild brownie cupcakes & decorating them beautifully. And all the (3) sisters helped make this little display in the entryway.

I was a little overwhelmed, both by the crowd (I’m just not a crowd person) and the overwhelming support of their friends and family. Enough so that those are the ONLY 2 pictures I have of the occasion! Wait till the wedding. I’m glad they’ll have an official photographer, b/c I’ll probably only get a photo of the boat or cake or something.

At any rate, I was really glad to get to meet J’s family; they are just as wonderful as she is. The two of them are just so great together… and that’s what marriage is all about.


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