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Artsy Little Towns-ALTs

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I guess if I have a weakness (ha!), it’s for artsy towns. The kind of little town filled with art galleries, festivals at the drop of a hat, and lots of people hanging out at bookstores & coffee shops.

I’m living in one now: Port Townsend, WA. Now that I’m getting ready to bid it farewell (for now), I’ve already started researching others that I might want to check out.

Well, I’ve just found a new guide along the way. 100 Best Art Towns in America. I checked out the library’s copy (that’s me, always frugal) and a quick check showed… no Port Townsend? WTF? And what about Ojai & Mendocino? I did a little more checking (I was going to see if they needed somebody to update this book… Hey, I’m available.) when I figured out, duh, that this is the 2nd edition I’m looking at. There’s an updated version coming out this yr (and there’ve been several more since this one from 1996) and rest assured, PT is in it.

But what I’d really like to find are the undiscovered gems. The NEXT Port Townsend. The ones where you or I could buy a home. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Extra points if it doesn’t (EVER) snow there. How about Estacada, OR?

It looks like a lot of my posts will have to do w/artsy little towns, so I’m creating my own acronym: ALT= Artsy Little Town.


Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Summer of 2007, falling in love with the Olympic Peninsula

Summer of 2007, falling in love with the Olympic Peninsula


This is a blog about nothing. No, there’s no central theme going on here, it’s just about me and what all I’m up to. That could involve anything: driving across the country,¬† going wheat-free, or how much I hate snow. (I really hate snow!)

People keep asking me to be sure to keep in touch, and if I email all those people, I’ll be emailing so much that I won’t be able to do much else, and then there wouldn’t be anything worth telling them. I guess that’s why blogging was invented. (And no, I didn’t mean you. I’ll still email you.)

One thing I know, I’m not ready to settle down. I was settled down for a long time, and it didn’t suit me. This is not the story of that, this is the story of moving forward, changing, becoming.

I’ve been having all kinds of adventures living in Port Townsend, WA for the last year and a half. What a town! I just really love PT & have felt so welcomed and at home here. I’ll be writing more about the PT adventures, but in the meantime I’m getting ready to leave, for more adventures.

Artsy little¬† towns have a big place in my heart, so I’ll be looking for more on my journeys. (Suggestions are welcome!) At this point, I don’t feel like settling down, so I’m going to be nomadic for a while. Actually more like migratory; I like to stay for a while and get to know a place.

Next up is the Shenandoah region of Virginia. In the meantime, I’ll be packing and trying to squeeze in all the things I still want to do while I’m here, and setting down some of the PT experience.

Still to do:

  • Kayaking down Dungeness Spit
  • Hoh Rainforest
  • Skagit Tulip Farms
  • Whidbey Island

And I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting right now…