Great day today! I spent last night w/friends in Spokane, who’ve turned their house into “Little House in the City.” Had a chicken-herding lesson, played with the cats, the golden retriever & the kids. They fed me on grass-fed Prime Rib, no less & made a cozy bedroom for me, complete w/glow in the dark stars (I love those! Someone needs to invent glow-in-the dark wallpaper. I’d buy it!)
So… took off this am & drove thru the Idaho Panhandle & 3 mountain passes. Beautiful country, and lots of gorgeous horses. No, there are no pix, b/c my camera’s batteries conked out. I’m charging a new one right now. Hope that solves the problem
Max (the Prius) is doing really well. 3 Mountain passes, loaded to the gills and he got 46.9 miles per gallon. Not even a full tank from Spokane.
So… I’m working up energy to get back in the car & find something to eat… And then it’s bubble bath time! Yay!

Later… OK, so I spilled my wine in the bubble bath (if it had been white wine, it wouldn’t have been that traumatic). Now I’m playing Moby & burning a stinky candle. Next stop, Murdo, SD!

One Response to “Bozeman”

  1. JoAnn says:

    Whoo hoo! Murdo!

    Looks like the AW message you posted for us didn’t take, but I’ll be waiting for it. (Thrumming fingers, whistling, looking skyward) :)))