Really cool thing happened this am as I was getting packed up to continue on my journey.
I got an email from myself!
On 1/30/09, I sent myself an email through futureme.org. It’s a very simple website that allows you to write yourself an email and date it to be sent in the future.
You can also specify whether other people may read your email or not (anonymously) and read ones others have sent to themselves too.
At any rate, it was a wonderful surprise to get an email from myself that I had sent on 1/30/09. So much has changed that I barely recognize the me who had sent it!
Give it a try…

One Response to “Futureme.org”

  1. JoAnn says:

    That is a very cool thing to do. I emailed myself immediately and passed the url on to others. Weirdly, I never could read the quote you included for the A/W women; all that comes up for me is your intro to it (can’t even comment on that post). But Terri emailed it to everyone today. It is AMAZING! Thanks so much for it. I’ve never read the “Wolves” book but recently bought a 2nd-hand copy. Synchronicity! Hope your travels are going well; am loving reading your blog.