Murdo, SD

Well, the main thing I discovered today is that Murdo, SD is a long, long way from Bozeman, MT. But I’m safe in my hotel room, complete w/cowboy bedspreads (really!) and settling in for the night.
Really wild scenery today. The area around Bozeman is spectacular.
Favorite thing today: watching antelopes boinging around in the fields. There are fences- but they don’t care. They eat and boing and eat some more. And then take a nap. Pretty good life.
I was in 3 states today- MT, WY & then SD. The highways are different. In WY they’re kind of pink & parts (long parts) make it sound like a flat tire. And there’s a whine when you go over an overpass. In SD, they make a sound like your engine is eating itself alive. Scared the heck out of me.
Also, judging from the snow fences & bars (like for a railroad crossing) for when I-90 is CLOSED, they get a whole lot of snow.
So now it’s time for the nightly bubble bath & getting ready to drive to St Joseph, MO tomorrow.

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