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Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Great day today! I spent last night w/friends in Spokane, who’ve turned their house into “Little House in the City.” Had a chicken-herding lesson, played with the cats, the golden retriever & the kids. They fed me on grass-fed Prime Rib, no less & made a cozy bedroom for me, complete w/glow in the dark stars (I love those! Someone needs to invent glow-in-the dark wallpaper. I’d buy it!)
So… took off this am & drove thru the Idaho Panhandle & 3 mountain passes. Beautiful country, and lots of gorgeous horses. No, there are no pix, b/c my camera’s batteries conked out. I’m charging a new one right now. Hope that solves the problem
Max (the Prius) is doing really well. 3 Mountain passes, loaded to the gills and he got 46.9 miles per gallon. Not even a full tank from Spokane.
So… I’m working up energy to get back in the car & find something to eat… And then it’s bubble bath time! Yay!

Later… OK, so I spilled my wine in the bubble bath (if it had been white wine, it wouldn’t have been that traumatic). Now I’m playing Moby & burning a stinky candle. Next stop, Murdo, SD!


Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Nothing cute to say except that I took the late ferry from PT to Edmonds & then drove to E-burg arriving @ 3AM. Ugh.

I’m feeling a bit better, which is good, b/c I’m heading for lunch w/a Spokane friend I haven’t seen in ages & then spending the night w/other friends, who’ve acquired a golden retriever recently.

Max is loaded so heavily that I look like a traveling circus. I’m gradually getting things together. Most brilliant stunt so far was loading about 50 lbs of stuff on top of my cell-phone charger for the car. I’m out now to excavate it.


Pronoia strikes!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009
Library cats

If I were not already pronoid, (the belief that the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings) this wk would have made me a believer. (Don’t you just heart Rob Brezsny & Free Will Astrology?)

In the last wk:

  1. The Keystone/PT Ferry actually waited for me instead of leaving while I was driving up, saving me 90 minutes wait time!
  2. Sons P & J gave me a big box of Lush to help turn Max into a spa on wheels for my cross-country drive.
  3. Son J gave me a phone-computer cable so I don’t lose all my contacts (BTDT- it’s not pretty)
  4. Son P gave me a new CD mix that I’m loving as I drive to & from the storage unit.
  5. Uncle D & Aunt J are on their way to PT to kidnap me from packing duties for a wk!
  6. Their hotel has a hot tub!!!
  7. I’m fixing them dinner tonight, & cleaning out my fridge, too. (Luckily my fridge has salmon & artichokes in it!)
  8. Will probably not be cooking much for the rest of the wk.
  9. I’m going to Kalaloch Lodge w/them for 3 nights!
  10. I MIGHT actually see the rain forest!
  11. Found some great books from the library (since mine are all packed.)
  12. My LMT in VA has offered me a free massage when I get there!
  13. I’m finding good moving boxes in strange places.
  14. The sun came out!

So yes, it’s being a very good & very abundant week, full of rampant pronoia, backaches & belly laughs. And no, the library’s cat sculpture has nothing to do w/this post, except that it makes me smile.


Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
St Stephens Episcopal labyrith

St Stephens Episcopal labyrinth

Earth Sanctuary Labyrinth

Earth Sanctuary Labyrinth

I really like labyrinths. They’re not mazes; the object is not to get lost. You can see where you’re going…

But the way they’re constructed makes them a walking meditation and metaphor for life. One of the more interesting things (to me) is that at first it appears that you’re headed straight for the center (the goal) and then there are all sorts of switchbacks, until you’re not sure if you’ll ever get there.

I also tend to lose my concentration, and then wonder if I ever walked through certain parts. But I must have, or wouldn’t have ended up in the center.  At any rate, I tend to walk labyrinths whenever I can.

So it’s odd that even though I’ve known about the labyrinth at St Paul’s Episcopal in PT (and even met the woman who designed it), I still hadn’t walked it until last week. For once, there was nothing much going on at the church when I went by, so I pulled over & walked thru it. It is truly beautiful, with designs made from brick and shiny black rocks.

It’s not so odd to find a labyrinth at an Episcopal church; Grace Cathedral in San Francisco has 2, and St John’s Cathedral in Spokane has one as well. (I’m sure there are more around the country…)

The very next day, I was at Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island, and what do you know- another labyrinth. Totally different, with the borders marked by growing salal, but also a very powerful experience. The silence (except for the birds and little rustlings of small animals) made it feel as if I were enveloped in the earth’s energy. Leaving the Sanctuary, I was so calm and peaceful that I nearly stepped on a rabbit. I don’t know who was more surprised…

I mentioned labyrinths at my Artist’s Way group, and someone told me there was yet another labyrinth in a county park nearby, so of course I headed out there. I checked the bulletin board for their map, and followed it to the place the labyrinth should have been. I found the basketball courts, bmx track, horseshoe pitches. But no labyrinth.

So I was wandering around the woods in a white sweater, looking for something labyrinth-y and seeing nothing but disc golf baskets. Pretty soon it became clear that I was 1) not going to find the labyrinth 2) going to wreck my sweater and 3) probably going to get beaned with a disc. So I gave up on that one.

I actually have a theory that the county parks people have created an anti-labyrinth. Wandering off the paths, looking for it through the brush and nearly ending up on the highway or in a disc golf match is a sort of meditation in itself, and they didn’t have to do anything but put the word “Labyrinth” on the map. Genius…