Pronoia strikes!

Library cats

If I were not already pronoid, (the belief that the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings) this wk would have made me a believer. (Don’t you just heart Rob Brezsny & Free Will Astrology?)

In the last wk:

  1. The Keystone/PT Ferry actually waited for me instead of leaving while I was driving up, saving me 90 minutes wait time!
  2. Sons P & J gave me a big box of Lush to help turn Max into a spa on wheels for my cross-country drive.
  3. Son J gave me a phone-computer cable so I don’t lose all my contacts (BTDT- it’s not pretty)
  4. Son P gave me a new CD mix that I’m loving as I drive to & from the storage unit.
  5. Uncle D & Aunt J are on their way to PT to kidnap me from packing duties for a wk!
  6. Their hotel has a hot tub!!!
  7. I’m fixing them dinner tonight, & cleaning out my fridge, too. (Luckily my fridge has salmon & artichokes in it!)
  8. Will probably not be cooking much for the rest of the wk.
  9. I’m going to Kalaloch Lodge w/them for 3 nights!
  10. I MIGHT actually see the rain forest!
  11. Found some great books from the library (since mine are all packed.)
  12. My LMT in VA has offered me a free massage when I get there!
  13. I’m finding good moving boxes in strange places.
  14. The sun came out!

So yes, it’s being a very good & very abundant week, full of rampant pronoia, backaches & belly laughs. And no, the library’s cat sculpture has nothing to do w/this post, except that it makes me smile.

2 Responses to “Pronoia strikes!”

  1. Deb says:

    Miss Sara – Always LOVE your blog. Makes me smile, makes me laugh and makes me think (and sometimes rethink). Thanks for sharing you. Thinkin’ of you! xoxo

  2. Henry Werch says:

    Sara –

    Hope to see you tomorrow at CC. with its HOT topic!

    Do you intentionally keep your identity a “secret” on your site? I find little about who you are, but of course a lot about what you are feeling and observing now.

    Henry Werch