St Joseph Mo

Well, here I am in St Joseph. I’m staying in a motel that’s… interesting. Very fab/mod and aqua w/gilt mirrors. Hmm… Same chain as the one in Murdo w/the cowboy bedspreads. You just never know. I keep expecting either Wayne Newton or Jonathon Adler to jump out from behind the floor-to-ceiling window drapes.
Right before I got here, I drove past Mound City MO. I wonder if that has to do w/Moundbuilders, the ancient culture in these part. Probably so, but @ 5:30 on Sat evening, there was no way to find out. Also drove past Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homestead today. I’m not doing any stops until my Springfield visit tomorrow. Just driving like a maniac.
Tomorrow, I’m going to make an exception, though, b/c I just saw that the hwy between here & Springfield, IL goes thru… HANNIBAL, MO!!! Now how could I not stop? I will very definitely be stopping to explore, being a Mark Twain groupie from way back.
They also have an honest espresso coffee shop there. If I have one more cup of this nasty robusto they drink out here I will go completely postal. I even stopped at a SD visitor center to ask where in blank’s name I could get a decent cup of joe & the nice Scandahoovian lady looked at me & said “Gosh honey, I don’t know. I don’t drink coffee, myself.” Well, I wouldn’t either if all I could get was this &!@##. Anyway, I will be stopping @ Java Jive in Hannibal.
If I do this trip again, I may invest in a little espresso stand to tow behind me….

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