Today I:

1) Went to the bank & got a real ATM card, one for a real VA bank & not one of those sketchy west-coast banks. Took them a bouquet of flowers

2) Went to Southern States & got 50# of chick grit

3) Went to the library & got myself a real Strasburg library card (w/borrowing privileges in Winchester as well) Brought them some flowers, too.

4) Signed up to be a library volunteer. Chatted w/the circulation volunteer about who in town I knew & was related to (or not) and was waived the “out-of-town” fee. (I know a council member & will not be using the genealogy facilities)  And I drawl, but don’t say li-berry.

So I’d say I’m on my way to becoming a  citizen of S’burg, at least for the summer. Still have not eaten at the “Hi Neighbor” cafe, which is reputed to be the real test. I’m finding that a little daunting. I’m  sure they don’t have espresso there, much less wireless.  And I have a feeling if I tell them I’m gluten-sensitive, they’ll call an ambulance (or the sheriff.)

One Response to “Citizenship!”

  1. Brad says:

    Just re-read this. Careful, girl! You’re in a place where SOME folks think intrdigitation before gittin’ hitched is okay.