Farm photos

farm-061309For those of you who’ve been asking for photos of the farm, I’ve posted a few on flickr.

It’s been a really REALLY busy wk on the farm, but I’m starting to suspect that they will all be busy. I guess that’s what farming is about? Anyway, between trying to keep the antebellum farmhouse  in order, and keeping up w/the weeds in all the gardens, I’m about shot. Add to all that, dealing with a very unfamiliar climate. Humidity is something else.

Here are the things I’m liking the most: cardinals, lightning bugs, thunderstorms, clotheslines, and really friendly people.

I kept asking if my hair was ok, or if I had spinach in my teeth, b/c people were looking at me oddly. Finally figured out, they were just looking at me and smiling. That’s so weird after living in the NW for so long.  Not looking at people is an art- not getting into their personal space. But here, a stranger will say “Hi, how’re you doing?” before sitting down nearby to make a phone call.  And they seem to care how you’re doing.

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