From the farm…

Well, I’d planned to take 2 leisurely days to get from Columbus, OH to the farm in VA. But Wed turned into one of those days when everything ‘gangs aft a-gley’ so I finally bagged it & went straight to the farm. Sometimes you just have to go with what IS instead of what you’ve planned.

So I showed up sweaty be-draggled & a day ahead, and was taken in anyway. I guess that’s what mom’s are for (note to self.)

In the meantime I’ve been orienting myself, and wondering how I could have brought this much stuff & still have so much stuff in the PT storage unit. It’s a mystery. As one of my friends said, “For someone who’s not materialistic, you sure have a lot of stuff.” So I’ll be working on that strange dichotomy, I expect.

In the meantime, I found a way to get my computer set up finally, so that it’s plugged into a battery backup. Given a two-hundred year old house & constant thunderstorms, I think that’s wise.

I’m having a little trouble acclimating & getting used to the time change. But I sure do love my rope bed. It seems crazy to me that they went out of usage. In fact, a lot of the antique ones have been “modernized” with rails for a box spring. Speaking as someone who slept 11 hrs last night, I vote for ropes instead of springs.

Yesterday the temperature plummeted from high 80’s to 57. For those of you who haven’t believed in the Sara temperature effect… yeah, tell the Virginians who are running around in sweaters in June. Seriously, everywhere I go, it’s “unseasonably cool” and seems to coincide with my visit. I’m hoping that staying here for several months will allow nature to recover its equilibrium.

Since it’s raining, mainly I’m unpacking & rearranging things. Cain, the gardener/handyman, is helping me w/my spanish. I’ve learned to say Happy Birthday and attic so far.

Oh, we did go to a garden store yesterday & bought lots of herbs. I got 3 big bushy basils, which is really exciting for me. Basil’s like crack to me, and it looks like I may get enough even for me this yr (if I remember to pinch them properly & not get them all leggy.)

Once it stops raining, I’ll probably post some pix, but in the meantime, it’s back to work… Hasta luego!

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  1. Javantea says:

    I’m glad to year you made it to the farm. Post a few pics!