One of my favorite things in this area is the huge Double Tollgate Swap Meet/Flea Market every wkend. There are some vendors who go there every wkend, and some who are doing a version of a yard sale. And it’s the size of a fairgrounds.

What’s changed in the two yrs since I’ve been there is that the Hispanic population is much more visible, if not larger (probably both.) And now the Double Tollgate has not just a taco wagon (I’m totally addicted to taco wagons.) but a kind of co-op going on. There’s a really good taco wagon, flanked by a fresh fruit (served in big plastic cups w/lime juice & chili powder & salt) and a liquado stand. First, I got a huarache (kind of a tostada, but shaped like an oblong- like the sandals) and an elotes, a roasted corn on a wooden stick smeared w/mayo & spices. Yumm! Then of course I had to have a fruit salad (which included: watermelon, pineapple, oranges, papaya, mango & lots of jicama.)

The liquado stand has huge big jars of beautiful juices. This time, they had canteloupe, pineapple, watermelon, lime and HORCHATA. Liquados aren’t like juices, really. They’re fruit blended & then mixed w/sugar and water. (Also called agua fresca.) But horchata is basically cinnamon rice milk. And boy, is it GOOD. I think I could have drunk that entire vat. The vendors thought I was pretty funny. The mom, who probably makes them all, kept grinning at me & commenting to her son in machine-gun Spanish, and really cracked up when I asked her what was in horchata (between my lip-smacking & generally looking like a cat in a jug of cream.) Evidently everybody but me knows all about horchata.

So upon arriving home, I immediately hit the internet. Here’s the recipe I’m going to try: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Lolas-Horchata/Detail.aspx

Oh, and Cain, our landscape guy who’s from Mexico & eats @ McDonald’s, as he prepares for citizenship, thinks it’s hysterical that I came all the way across the country & my mom served me quesadillas (and I was excited about it.) As my mom says, he’s learning a lot here, but most of it may not be useful to his assimilation. BTW, Cain has a twin brother named Abel. Really.

2 Responses to “Horchata!”

  1. Pete Voss says:

    Horchata is the BEST! I too am a Taco Wagon Junkie. Now I know where I get it.

  2. Sara says:

    Too funny! You’d think we were related, or something…