Rainwater harvesting



It seems strange to be planning for drought when we’ve had a thunderstorm daily (for about 2 wks) but drought does happen in Virginia.

There’s a cistern under the big house, deep underground, that’s fed by the roof gutters.

But part of the screen porch renovation was to add 2 of these huge cisterns for its roof, as well. There’s one on each side and each holds 65 gallons. And they have cute little hoses which can be hooked to regular garden hoses.

The first day it was hooked up, we had another thunderstorm (a real gosling drownder as they call it here) and the cistern actually overflowed. That’s one side of a fairly small roof! Think of all that wasted water! (Now go and look at your roof. Hmmm….)

The screened porch is one of the big projects this summer. I’ve been campaining for its resuscitation for quite a while now (ok, nagging.) It’s about 80% done, so will have pix pretty soon (if it ever stops raining so we can finish w/the painting.)

It’s going to be a terrific place to sit in the evening & watch lightning bugs & read & eat salads. I may even sleep out there, we’ll see. But no bugs, which is the purpose of a screened porch. Having lived so long in the NW, I’m a smorgasbord¬† for every biting insect in Virginia, so the screened porch can’t come soon enough for me!

Spanish words for the day: aranas (spiders) and moscas (flies)– ’nuff said.

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