Rainy Day Fun

cristinasWell, today was a rainy day, so while the crops (and the weeds unfortunately) are growing like gangbusters, I got an unscheduled day off.

Decided to take myself on an Artist’s Date & explore downtown S’burg, with the goal of finding a good hangout.

First, I went to the local Antique Mall & messed around for a while. Didn’t see anything I couldn’t live w/out, especially since I’ll be living out of a suitcase for the forseeable future.

Then I decided to check out the “new” Cristina’s. The old one had been a really good Oaxacan-style Mexican restaurant, but they’ve moved & changed to more of a coffee shop/bistro format.

Well, I’ve found my new hangout, all right. They’re next door to the library, have wireless AND espresso AND comfy couches to sit & read in… Could I ask for more? They also create food from local organic food when possible, so I’m going to see if they’ll be a possble customer, too.

My online Spanish classes started today, so I’m excited about that. Cain has taught me to say Bad Cats and I figured out how to say “I’m a gypsy.” (Soy gitana- I think. I’ll check w/him on that. It may mean something really rude.) But in my Spanish online class, I’m learning to say “It’s important that you help me with this.” “I want to buy a chair.” and other vital phrases.

Hasta maƱana…

One Response to “Rainy Day Fun”

  1. Brad says:

    So, Sara, I’m back from Greece and you’re “there!” Love the pictures of the farm and I especially like this post. I remember so many storms that dictated “inside days” when we were in Greene County near C’ville. Enjoyed catching up on your trip (liked the sock monkey pic and I loved the screened porches of my youth). Reading what you post is enjoyable but not as good as listening to you for real. You are missed.