All the world’s a blog

Talking w/my dear friend DB yesterday, we managed to solve some of each other’s problems & then a few for the world in general. We’re good that way.

So I woke up this am & found that she’d twittered me that I’d ended up on her blog post for yesterday. Hmmm… This is starting to get weird. It’s almost like the old chestnut wherein women made extra money by taking in each other’s laundry.

Now that nearly everyone has a blog, do we need to start our conversations with  “Off the record” or “Deep background only”? At any rate, most bloggers are pretty careful to preserve their source’s anonymity. After all, you may end up on their blog tomorrow.

Love you, DB!

3 Responses to “All the world’s a blog”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, I don’t know DB and I am one of the Great Unblogged – don’t have one and never will. But I’m happy to say right here on YOUR blog that yours, because of your posts, is a favorite that always teaches me something and makes me smile. THANK YOU FOR BLOGGING!

    P.S. (I guess a blog comment can have a post script) – How about a post about summer weather in your part of the South? Here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest it’s very hot, even on your old part of the Peninsula. So the on-line Seattle PI is running articles about, e.g., a City Council candidate who skiny-dips in Lake Washington. Mercifully, the PT Councilfolks bare only their souls in public…

  2. Deb says:

    I am totally guilty. But you neglected to mention how I begged forgiveness so well, admittedly after the fact…

    Love right back at ya, sister!

  3. Sara says:

    For the record, DB DID twitter me asking for forgiveness very nicely. After the fact.