Berkeley Springs, WV

Berkeley Springs stree scene

Berkeley Springs street scene

Wednesday, the mater & I decided to run away. The noise & fumes from the desecration across the road was getting on our last nerves. So we packed up Max & headed for Berkeley Springs, WV– just about an hour away.

Berkeley Springs is one of my favorite places. It’s definitely an artsy little town, with that artistic/new age vibe (and a really good coffee shop!) If they didn’t get snow in the winter, I’d definitely consider it. But Wednesday was absolutely beautiful. Hot, but not humid. It was also interesting that on a wkday it was really pretty bustling. Looks like people are taking vacations closer to home this yr, which is great for the merchants there.

So we had a nice trip over, had a couple americanos & then took a jaunt to Hancock, MD, where there’s a huge antique mall. On our way there, we found a thrift shop called “Loaves & Fishes” (cool, yes?) and picked up some excellent bargains, including an authorized copy of a Giotto of St Francis feeding birds- for $10.

Anyway, by the time we got back to Berkeley Springs, it was lunchtime, so we ate at Tari’s, as per usual. Tari herself waited on us, and was just the most welcoming presence. Isn’t it interesting how certain people just feel like friends right off the bat? And found out Tari’s also rents rooms… note to self.

Later in the season, we plan to go over & take the baths, get massages & do the whole thing. Berkeley Springs has been a spa since colonial times, and George Washington (among others) took the waters there.

A really fun, relaxing day… and we needed one.

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