Field trip (ha!)

Dayton Farmers Market

Dayton Farmers Market

Well, I was getting a bit restless again, so Friday we (Mom & I) decided to take a little jaunt down to Dayton Farmers Market, south of Harrisonburg.  (She got a taste of what my little jaunts are like and was still recovering the next day. I think I need to find a new co-conspirator.)

Anyway, we fed all the livestock (8 cats & a dog) and took off about 10 on Friday morning w/a full tank of gas & Pete’s CD playing.

After we passed Luray, VA, we were in new territory for me, so I was oohing & ahing all over the place. Really liked what I saw of Harrisonburg, which is home to James Madison University and also Eastern Mennonite University.

Then we saw what Mom remembered as a really super thrift shop. She was right, so we spent about an hour there. I finally found the step basket I’d been wanting for a LOOONG time. (It’s a basket made to sit on steps. Very cool. I’m always setting things on the stairs so that I don’t forget to take them up or down. Now it looks nice, instead of trashy.)

Sooo… On we went to Dayton. Really liked the Farmers Market, although it was not exactly a farmers market. More like a collection of cool little shops.  (For more info, click the picture above.) We spent a couple hours there, b/c once again, I had to touch everything. (Maybe Hanuman should be my shopping buddy. Just a suggestion.) And then, we found an espresso stand there. So of course I was happy, but mater had had nothing to eat since about 10 AM & was not looking so hot.

So, we piled back into the car (with all the almond & rice flour, salsa, pastrami, etc we had bought) and headed for a new Guatemalan restaurant we’d heard about near Woodstock. Going thru Harrisonburg, we saw the strangest store called “Save & Prosper” (I’m not making this up!) So we had to stop to investigate. It’s run by a couple of recent immigrants, and they seem to buy up odd lots of groceries, produce, etc. We got garam masala, a couple lemons, a stack of tortillas & passed on some really fancy teas.

Back in the car & by this time we’re nearly fainting w/hunger. It was a really nice drive, but the last 1/2 hr, we kind of buzzed thru Timberville & wherever else we were.

FINALLY got to Alma’s (“The best Guatemalan cousine”- also not making that up) and had bowls of spicy chicken soup w/rice, with the History Channel playing in Spanish a documentary on cockroaches (no, I swear, I do not make these things up!) We were the only ones there, and I have to say, the food was terrific. And the horchata was homemade. I’m sure we’ll be back, but I sure hope something else is on TV.

So that was our expedition. Next time, I’m going to check my stock of Clif Bars BEFORE I leave- promise.

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