So… I bought a cottage

My little cottage

My little cottage

Yes, it’s about 6 inches tall. But I found it interesting that that’s what caught my eye, as I was going thru a HUGE antique mall in Hancock, MD.

In fact, it’s pretty interesting or slightly puzzling, (or maybe flat-out bizarre)  that I’m going to all these swap meets, flea markets, antique malls. And I know better than anybody that I already have too much stuff & shipping it all over the planet can really start to add up. So mostly, I only buy things that are consumable (horchata!) But this little cottage-bank just really spoke to me.

Another anomaly: I’m SOOO excited about the Shenandoah Crawl. I’ve been to it twice now, but this time I’m really going to do it right. I have instructions! It’s an almost continuous yard sale that stretches all the way down Rt 11.

(I guess I have my own “high holy days”: MaryJane’s Farm Tour, the Barter Fair in Tonasket and now the Crawl.)

The other things that I’ve bought recently are equally odd. My PT wardrobe is not working too well in sticky VA summertime, so I’m filling in from flea markets (need to get a naked lady party going here…) At any rate, in the last wk, I’ve bought 3 cotton shirts… and they’re all pink! <insert twilight zone music> Maybe my VA personality wears pink instead of garnet? Will I next start drinking mint juleps on the screen porch instead of americanos on the ferry? Y’all stay tuned…

One Response to “So… I bought a cottage”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, I like the bank. I really do – not just trying to make you feel good. Besides, I don’t detect much buyer’s remorse. The cottage looks sort of European – maybe German or Swiss. Do the mountains there, sticky or not, awaken a secret yearning for the Alps? Maybe it’s not the South that’s grabbing you. Maybe it’s mountains. If you haven’t started saying “lie-berry” yet, look out Bavaria! Those lederhosen mountains are, after all, in SOUTHERN Germany.