TV for nomads

Traveling around as much as I do, I can take my laptop, but dragging around a tv is out of the question.

The best alternative (for me) is the one suggested by Javantea. It’s a little USB stick that hooks up to your computer on one end and then cable (if you have it) or a little antenna if you don’t. In my former apt, I had cable, but here, I use the antenna. I only get one station (PBS) but I’m in a very small town.

The most impressive part of this little gadget is that it also turns your computer into a digital tv recorder (basically, a tivo.) So you can set it to record shows & play them back at your convenience. Very cool, and I was able to hook it up to my Vista notebook with no hassle at all. (Caution- be sure to note which USB port you install it on, and always attach it to that specific port.)

Then there’s Hulu. Not a huge selection, but I’m sure that’ll improve. It’s free, and there are less commercials than regular tv.

Netflix has a streaming program, so that you can download directly to your computer, as well as having DVDs sent by mail.

Don’t forget about youtube, either. They have clips from old tv shows that are really fun: Get Smart, Fawlty Towers, Green Acres & Space Ghost Coast to Coast, among others.

Let me know if there’s anything out there that I’ve missed…

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