Moab Confluence- Hyperventilating…

Just a quick note…

Just got all my ducks in a row (flight, hotel, reservations) for the Moab Confluence– Eating the West.

It’s a writing intensive workshop/festival, set in Moab, UT (one of my favorite places) with super-star food writers, lots of good food and even a film festival. So that’s where I’ll be @ the end of October for a wk (then coming back here to help get ready for sheepdog trials.)

I’m a little shocked at myself. I’ve been registered for a month, but keep hemming & hawing. As JA says, attendance is not juried. It’s still a little scary, but now that I have my ticket, I’m definitely going. Yipes! I mean- yippee!

4 Responses to “Moab Confluence- Hyperventilating…”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, didn’t know you dug Moab – really neat place in a state with some awesome terrain. Sandy and I are currently in Cannon Beach, OR. There are some real restaurant gems here, hidden among the piles of pizza and so-called fish and chips (why would ANY eatery in the Pacific northwest fly in frozen, east-coast pseudo-fish?). When you drive back to PT sometime, you might enjoy passing through here. It doesn’t add much time to the trip.

  2. Sara says:

    Oh, wow! I bet you & Sandy are having a great time. I LOVE Cannon Beach… have been there several times. Definitely an artsy little town… and really good coffee. I’m thinking Pegasus- is that right?

    Almost as cool as PT. (OK, now I can never go back to CB…)

    I agree about the fish thing. Definitely odd, when there’s so much good local seafood.

    Have fun beachcombing. Are you building fires on the beach @ night? That must be a really good place to see the meteor showers!

  3. Brad says:

    Sara, I know there’s a Pegasus on Bainbridge and in Seattle, but haven’t seen one here. My favorite is in Seaside, where they roast their own coffee and have a wide choice of teas as well. No fires on the beach yet – been chilly and we have an ocean view where we are. Also, the local cloud cover pretty well hid the meteors. But still there’s been some sun every day, and just seeing the Haystack is worth the trip!

  4. Deb says:

    Hey S,

    Am sooooooo excited for you! Remember my Taos trip and how my behind sat on the fence for far too long about it? It was a transformational trip for me and I know yours will be the same.

    High five, sister!
    ~ D