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Star Tannery

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Star Tannery Carnival

Star Tannery Carnival

So, last night’s entertainment was to go to Star Tannery, for the annual Firefighters’ Carnival & BBQ. Star Tannery is a little town up in the mountains, where the mater has owned property for over 20 yrs.

Star Tannery is one of those little places that almost nob0dy knows about, except the ppl that live there. And those people love it w/a passion. The same creek (Cedar Creek) that runs thru the farm here, starts up there.

Star Tannery has had various industries since the Civil War, & has a tradition of both parents being employed. First a tannery (duh) for the hides that made shoes for Star Shoes of Baltimore, MD. Then chicken farms to supply food for WWII, then clothing factories. Now, it’s kind of forgotten, except by folks who’ve struggled by for several generations (and newcomers, who’ve had 2nd homes there, from DC). (more…)