Virginia update…

I guess the reason that I’m gypsying around is to learn things. About myself & about the world. So I’m thinking it’s time for an update on what I’ve learned while in Virginia. I reserve the right to come back & edit this post.

  1. I’ve learned a whole lot about gardening. Weird stuff that’s not in books- like to not plant hot peppers w/sweet peppers.
  2. I can tell the difference between a sweet potato vine and a weed
  3. Ditto potato bugs and lady bugs
  4. Praying mantii mantises ( thanks, Brad!) BITE. They’re not all cute like Zorak
  5. I can make yogurt & granola
  6. Know how to freeze green beans & raspberries
  7. Can make juice in a steam juicer
  8. Can make myself understood (kinda) in Spanish & can kinda understand what’s going on.
  9. Have quite a collection of pink shirts, most of which cost less than $2
  10. Can name 3 places where I can get a double Americano in less that 20 minutes. But have to get out of the car.
  11. Started taking yoga- like it a lot
  12. Flea marketeers fear me
  13. Can shelve books, check them out & also do the dreaded vacation check-0ut.
  14. Am the most wired person in Shenandoah County (both senses.)
  15. Can eat out for years on my story of getting new tires in Maurertown (pronounced- Maurytown.)
  16. Know how to hang clothes on a line.
  17. Know that oriental carpets can only be vacuumed every 10 days.
  18. I may have a career in killing those spider-things w/the webs that feel like hair. Ugh! Ugh! I want them all DEAD. I am on a mission!
  19. Know that they don’t know what to do ’bout hippies @ Food Lion. They sell recyclable bags, but aren’t quite sure what to do if someone actually uses one for the 2nd time. Especially if they’re wearing clogs. Not sure whether to call me ma’am or call 911.
  20. Know that if I say “slippah chayah” instead of slipper chair, my mama will slap me upside the haid. That is not why she sent me to Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. (Strange, but true.)
  21. Know that they are serious about drinking & driving here. 1/2 the natives have to drive the other 1/2 around, b/c they’ve lost their licenses. I want to be the 1/2 in the driver’s seat, thank you.
  22. Realize that I may never spell the word license correctly the first time.
  23. Yes, I can make a wicked garlicky hummus. I have personally evicted all the vampires in Shenandoah County.


6 Responses to “Virginia update…”

  1. Deb says:

    First I must say – LOVE ZORAK.

    Second. You left out that you rock at making the stuff that I don’t like but do like it when you make it? Greek… pasty stuff that you just made? DANG IT my mind… ahh yes, hummus!

    Third. I am trembling in fear right now on behalf of the marketeers…

    LOVE the list!!!

    Miss you!
    ~ D

  2. Brad says:

    Sara, one thing you already knew was how to write, and you’ve only gotten better. Great list! Now to nitpick – where’d you get “mantii”? And to ask – what Greek stuff have you been making that Deb likes? Oh, yeah, Deb (nitpicking again), hummus is an Arabic name for the stuff like they make it in Lebanon and Israel and around there. Okay, some Greek Americans and even younger folks in Greece have learned to call it hummus, but on the island it’s still “revithia.” Anyway, it’s great stuff. Sara, you’d like fava – have you ever tried it?

  3. Deb says:

    Foot note: “It’s all Greek to me…” (:

  4. Joel says:

    The variety of spellings of hummus (حمّص‎, hamos, houmous, hommos, hommus, hummos, hummous or humus) attests to it’s wide appeal while finding its way around the world on its way to your blender. I’ve eaten hummus 6 days a week for two years and I must say it’s a caution.

    Excellent conclusion to your list also, I have some vampires I’d like to evict here in Seattle. Maybe we can make some hummus when you come to Seattle.

    Have fun in the garden and the sun!

  5. carrie says:

    Ummm what the hell is a slipper chair?
    See you and ya mama tommorow eve!

  6. Sara says:

    Yay, Carrie! Come on down! (or up, I guess.) C U soon! I’ll explain all about slipper chairs.