Loving Arlington…

Today I went to Arlington for a private yoga consultation (which was terrific- more later) But what was really odd was that several people had told me how I would hate Arlington & going in to the city.
Au contraire, mes amis.
I totally loved the energy of the city. And shopping in Whole Foods w/people of about every culture under the sun.
Even the traffic was kind of fun (it wasn’t quite rush hour, and I had Matt Darey techno podcasts playing.)
So… a very fun day, and a small dose of the big city vibe. I’ll be back….

2 Responses to “Loving Arlington…”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, as you know, we lived in Reston on Lake Ann for many years. Sandy still misses some of that energy (more than I do, I must say). And it is fun to go bavk for a visit, just as we enjoy going to Capitol Hill or the U. District in Seattle. BUT – about a week of that traffic and that impersonal “me-firstism” is quite enough. So like you, we’ll be back, but not to stay…

  2. Deb says:

    Well you know me… I love the vibe all over that area and would be back in a heartbeat. I’m happy you’re hanging out in that space and lovin’ the feel as well!

    Miss you!
    ~ D