From the look of things, you’d think all I do is celebrate Fridays…Kind of funny, since I’m funemployed.

Here’s what I haven’t been blogging about:

  1. Went to Salem WV, to celebrate my aunt’s 79th birthday. That is one heck of a woman, who deserves a post just about her. She is just a few pounds short of having lost 100 lbs, is learning to drive and has adopted the most spoiled cat in the world. She is the best kind of “church lady” and rarely speaks a bad word about anyone.
  2. Went to Hagerstown, MD & back via Martinsburg WV, (I keep forgetting how close everything is there. This wasn’t even a major expedition!) Visited a really interesting “Green General Store” in M’burg, which is in an old Victorian house. Yummy victuals, too.
  3. TheĀ  mater is busy making floral arrangements for a wedding. She committed to that before the awful drought we’ve had (broken today, thank goodness!) We’ve been scrounging all over for flowers. Yoga farmgirl K helped to save the day.

Links o’ the week:

For those of you who (like me) can’t figure out the care tags on your new fancy clothes

Vibrant Kitchen Feng Shui (you know you need it!)

Garden news (where are all the men when you need them?)

Little House in the Suburbs (I admit it- I spend WAY too much time here.)

Oh, and a friend of a friend is driving from Pole to Pole w/his g’friend & 2 dogs.
Vote for him here.

One Response to “TGIF”

  1. Brad says:

    Wow! The times they REALLY are a-changin’. Now, in the rural South, CSA means Community Supported Agriculture! Love it, and am truly impressed by yoga Farmgirl K’s site.