My favorite Firefox Add-on has to be StumbleUpon (click the logo above.) It’s kind of similar to google’s I’m Feeling Lucky button, except that you can customize the categories that interest you. (I’ve got 28 topics, so things can get quite interesting, as it switches randomly between camping, feminism, hinduism & house music, for example.)

I would recommend a good antivirus program before using StumbleUpon. A couple times I’ve hit a site that has a virus. (I’ve used StumbleUpon a LOT for well over a yr now, so this is not a common occurrence.) If you need an AV program (and if you don’t have one, you DO need one), I use the Avast free program & have been happy with it.

Anyway, Stumbling is a great way to waste a few hours… I’ll share some of my loot:

How to make fire w/a can of coke & a chocolate bar… No, I have not tried this…

A little humor forĀ  all you jobhunters out there

How to fold a fitted sheet!

25 Best Country Song Titles

Happy Friday, everyone. Have a great wkend!

2 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Brad says:

    Congrats on the health insurance – and I agree! Also congrats on being re-energized by your nap and posting these typically fun and eclectic links. I am sitting here on Amorgos listening to Nana Mouskouri sing “Clouds” (remember Judy Collins? No – you’re too young–) and considering that a good plumper is always hard to find. But then I don’t know Craig either…

  2. Sara says:

    woo hoo~ I think you get the prize for the farthest-flung comment. Amorgos, yet. Are you taking pix of your food? I’m not joking about that… enquiring minds want to know!
    And unfortunately, I have to date myself here, & admit to remembering Judy Collins… and Clouds. (I’m going to claim that my parents were proto-hippies, however. It wasn’t my fault, and I was in diapers! In fact, it was only due to a kind EMT that I wasn’t named Sunshine Rainbow… Bwahahaha!)