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Friday, October 30th, 2009
Tofu Chair?

Tofu Chair?

Is it just me, or is that tofu chair really disgusting? Somehow, that actually seems worse than love sacs as  furniture. Or those icky video gaming chairs. Can you imagine if you spilled something in/on  it?

I almost forgot about TGIF; I was out having a great time. Discovered a really great outdoor clothing shop in Woodstock- Blue Canoe Crew. They have these fantastic scarves, sweaters & tops that feel like cashmere-butter (if there were such a thing.) Unfortunately, I have absolutely nowhere to put any new purchases at this point, so I just stood around & stroked them a lot.

I did buy some soap @ the Country Store (one of the yoga farmgirls makes it. Cedar Creek Soaps…) and some buffalo peanuts. What are buffalo peanuts? Well, they’re peanuts w/a coating that’s sweet, salty & hot. They are really really good & barely made it home.

Here’s some fun stuff for your Friday:

Replacing world landmarks w/cheap souvenirs (Maybe it was jet lag, but this had me laughing hysterically.)

Things that make you feel good (just in case we forget)

Carl Sagan- A Glorious Dawn– courtesy of FreeWill Astrology, who’s always coming up w/cool stuff.

Steampunk Workshop– For all of you who forget to ask me what steampunk is, & why I heart it so much.

Dirigible Tours Wouldn’t this be fantastic? And over Monterey Bay?

Oye Como Va- or just Oy!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Just heard from a friend that his teenage son has just discovered the coolest new musician- Carlos Santana…

I mean, what do you say? Sorry, sweetheart, Santana was cool and new in… 1970? They played him @ my jr high school dance? He designs shoes, already? (And admit that you want a pair- really badly?)

Or do you say- yes, Santana is God; he totally rocks. He kicks Clapton’s a$$ every which way. And start playing “Black Magic Woman” from your iPod’s Golden Oldies playlist?

At any rate, thanks sweetie for reminding me- Carlos rawks, and we’re not dead yet.

Gracias a Dios, todo esta bien.

And I can hardly wait until your kids discover… Sheryl Crow?

Write or die!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

PV just sent me the coolest link! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It’s called “Write or Die” by Dr Wicked. There’s a free online version, or a desktop version for $10.

This is totally what I need- someone to crack the whip, even if it’s a virtual someone & I’m setting my own goals and consequences. Having tried it online, I have to say- when that screen starts blinking pink, you TYPE. Yep, it’s garbage. But the first draft is always compost, isn’t it?

Ran into a quote the other day, to the effect that “No one ever says “I’m not ever going to write a symphony.” They say “I’m going to write a symphony- tomorrow.”

So thanks, Dr Wicked, and PV… but I’ve gotta get busy.

PS- Kalua Pork update… I cooked it for 20 hrs, shredded it. It tastes like… shredded pork. Good shredded pork, but still. I expected something more. It will be very good w/some bbq sauce, though.


Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


Well, after a very long day of travel yesterday, I woke up in VA.

While I was gone, the maple outside my bedroom window went from dark green to caution-light yellow. I’ve heard people complaining about leaf-peepers. Now I know what they mean. How would you like to wake up to this? I wish I could describe the quality of the light in the morning. (Kind of like regaining consciousness in a highway construction zone? Without the noise?)

Anyway, I’m taking it easy today. Went to the library & paid my fine. (Heck, they needed a new wing anyway.) Got some more books, and the soundtrack to My Fair Lady. Just wait, I’ll be in Mexico, all by my lonesome, learning all the words to Wouldn’t It be Loverly. (Have I mentioned that I totally heart Julie Andrews? I know, I’m hopeless.)

It’s chilly & rainy, but not nearly as deathly cold as it was when I left. A good day to dust off the crockpot & fill it with something yummy. I’ve been wanting to try Kalua Pork for a long time, and finally found Hawaiin Salt @ WholeFoods. So this time tomorrow, that’s what we’ll be eating.