Moab Tuesday

Arches National Park

Arches National Park

So, today I meandered around the town a bit. Every bit as cool as I remembered, and then some.

Book situation: At least 2 very good bookstores (one with an espresso stand) and an excellent library. Lots of great galleries. I only hit a couple, but was very impressed. I bought 2 books right away, by 2 of the authors who’ll be giving workshops: Deborah Madison & Ann Vileisis. Trying to decide which one to go to (I can only choose one.) Total aside… just found out my San Miguel landlord, Agustin Gaytan, who’s a chef/consultant has just signed a book deal!

Food situation: LOTS of good healthy food, as well as the Mexican & steak-centric cuisine you’d expect in the West. Tomorrow I’m planning to check out Hogi/Yogi as well as the Taste of Om juice bar.

Then I decided I’d better get out to Arches & start soaking up that red rock mojo. I can’t explain what the red rock does to me… Maybe it’s being an earth-energy Virgo, maybe I was an Anasazi in a past life… maybe I just LOVE it.

I stopped on the way out of town to get some Pinon nuts. A very nice young man was roasting them over a camp stove & selling them either raw or roasted/salted. I bought some of each. How nice is he? Well, there were some other folks there, whom he had called last night to say he’d found their purse @ the movie theater & they could come pick it up when he opened. He makes darned good pinon nuts, too, and I was munching them all thru my drive.

Then I headed out to Arches, where I got a 7 day pass fo $10. This is one road that you want to take slowly. There are pull-outs every few yards, it seems, and the scenery just keeps coming. I took lots of

pictures, but note that these are all taken either from the car or very close to it. I also only made it about 1/2 way through. There was a massive storm brewing (yes, the weather curse continues!) so I left the rest for another day.

I just wish my camera skills were up to this… It’s really difficult to capture what it’s like to be surrounded by sculpted red rock formations.

Here’s the Moab set so far, with no editing.

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