Moab, UT!

View from my motel

View from my motel

OK, faithful readers, here I am in Moab, UT!

I’m here for a writing conference, all about food & food issues, the Moab Confluence.  Due to scheduling changes, I’ve got a couple days before & after the conference to bum around in this beautiful area. I was trying to figure out when I’d been here before, and it must have been 12 or 13 yrs ago. Way too long, anyway, because I fell in love with the red rock then, and vowed to come back.

Moab was a great little town back then, full of mountain bikers and river runners, and it looks like it’s only gotten better. Today my plan is to explore the town & head out to Arches National Park, which is just outside town. I passed some gorgeous scenery on my way in last night, but with the sun going down & my being completely jet-lagged & dehydrated, I basically said “Wow!” and kept driving.

Saw signs on the way into town for a Pinon nut stand… need to check that out, for sure!

Now it’s off to explore!

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