Oye Como Va- or just Oy!



Just heard from a friend that his teenage son has just discovered the coolest new musician- Carlos Santana…

I mean, what do you say? Sorry, sweetheart, Santana was cool and new in… 1970? They played him @ my jr high school dance? He designs shoes, already? (And admit that you want a pair- really badly?)

Or do you say- yes, Santana is God; he totally rocks. He kicks Clapton’s a$$ every which way. And start playing “Black Magic Woman” from your iPod’s Golden Oldies playlist?

At any rate, thanks sweetie for reminding me- Carlos rawks, and we’re not dead yet.

Gracias a Dios, todo esta bien.

And I can hardly wait until your kids discover… Sheryl Crow?

3 Responses to “Oye Como Va- or just Oy!”

  1. Brad says:

    Lady, you’ve had a real run of good writing lately – guess “Write or Die” works! So – you really really really want a pair of those shoes? Maybe some day your friend’s son will discover Joan Baez singing, “Did you ever get to buy those Carlos shoes…”

    Hope you get ’em!! Been a long time since ever i saw your face…

  2. Sara says:

    Thank goodness he makes flats as well, b/c those heels would have me in the Emergency Rm after about 3 steps…. But gosh they’re cute.
    Barring any stiletto heel incidents, I should be @ Conversation Cafe Nov 20!!! Really excited to see everyone again!
    Was that a Roberta Flack reference I didn’t catch?

  3. Brad says:

    Sara, everybody will be thrilled to see you at Conversation Cafe. Had 15 folks there today – a record! Lively conversation about “religion and spirituality.” As to my obscure reference, late evening comment writing and the remains of jet lag resulted in my conflation of the opening lines of the “Yellow Coat” song (written by Steve Goodman?) and the opening line of the Roberta Flack/ Johnny Cash/ many other folks song “First time ever I saw your face.” What can I say? Either way, not getting to see you for a long time will no longer be the case in three weeks! Wear those shoes…