Quiet Sunday in Moab

Rotary Park, Moab

Rotary Park, Moab

Saturday, I went to the Farmer’s Market, and then a panel discussion, then a presentation on Ann Veleisis’s book Kitchen Literacy (I was in her workshops this wk.)

I’m spending a quiet Sunday in Moab, resting up for the trip home, which will take about 12 hrs all told. It’s been an exciting week, so I just took a walk this morning & then holed up to do some writing, catch up on photos and catch up on my Spanish lessons.

I’d heard about this incredible little park, where the Rotary had gigantic outdoor musical instruments, so got an americano @ Dave’s Corner Cafe & started poking around the walking/bike trail (it also winds through the Youth Garden Project, where we’d been on Friday.)

I was the only one @ the park, except for people meeting up for a bike ride, so I got to play all the instruments! To get an idea of the sounds, go to the freenotes.net site. It was just amazing. I can only imagine how much fun people have with this. Shouldn’t every town have one?

Here’s a link to more pix I took this morning on my walk. I’ve been wanting to come back to Moab for a long time. It’s a beautiful, friendly community, with a lot of innovative ideas. Thank you, Moabites!

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