Blogging in Utah

Blogging in Utah

Well, it’s Friday in Moab, UT, same as it is where you are. (Well, except for VVS, who’s in Indonesia, so it’s Saturday.)

Today was the end of the writing workshops, but the activities go on for another couple days. I’m enjoying the writing & learning new skills (especially editing, which you may have noticed that I need!), but really having a lot of fun discussing books. Have an enormous reading list. (Did I tell you I sat next to a woman on the plane who’s getting a Master’s in young adult literature? What are the chances? We were both scribbling down recommendations thru the whole flight.)

Tomorrow I’m going to search for a little Rotary Park which I’ve heard has oversized percussion instruments to play. (And the farmer’s market, the 350 demonstration, the panels & book-signings…) Once again, I’ve come to a place where I know no one & am leaving w/a bunch of very cool new friends. (Including the very cool motel manager who rescued me w/free aspirin. Dude, you may have saved a life.)

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