Tofu Chair?

Tofu Chair?

Is it just me, or is that tofu chair really disgusting? Somehow, that actually seems worse than love sacs as  furniture. Or those icky video gaming chairs. Can you imagine if you spilled something in/on  it?

I almost forgot about TGIF; I was out having a great time. Discovered a really great outdoor clothing shop in Woodstock- Blue Canoe Crew. They have these fantastic scarves, sweaters & tops that feel like cashmere-butter (if there were such a thing.) Unfortunately, I have absolutely nowhere to put any new purchases at this point, so I just stood around & stroked them a lot.

I did buy some soap @ the Country Store (one of the yoga farmgirls makes it. Cedar Creek Soaps…) and some buffalo peanuts. What are buffalo peanuts? Well, they’re peanuts w/a coating that’s sweet, salty & hot. They are really really good & barely made it home.

Here’s some fun stuff for your Friday:

Replacing world landmarks w/cheap souvenirs (Maybe it was jet lag, but this had me laughing hysterically.)

Things that make you feel good (just in case we forget)

Carl Sagan- A Glorious Dawn– courtesy of FreeWill Astrology, who’s always coming up w/cool stuff.

Steampunk Workshop– For all of you who forget to ask me what steampunk is, & why I heart it so much.

Dirigible Tours Wouldn’t this be fantastic? And over Monterey Bay?

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