Transition Towns?

I just ran into this article about Transition Towns today. If it strikes a chord with you, too, there are links to more info @ the bottom. You can bet I’ll be perusing this material.

Hopkins seems to be laying out concrete steps to transition into a new economy, especially at the local level. One of the things I’ve been pondering is how some towns- (PT, Ashland, Ojai, Berkeley Springs, Moab) to name just a few- seem to have gotten with the program, and have made changes that turn them into what I call “Artsy Little Towns” and others are stuck in old patterns reminiscent of the 70’s & 80’s development/greed/hierarchical attitudes. (Did I say Strasburg? No, I did not.)

And how on earth does a town jump the tracks from one to the other? Because it needs to be an inclusive process, and inevitably some people will feel that their interests are left out.

Hopkins’s 10 steps seem to make sense. I haven’t read far enough to see if he’s using some of Jim Rough’s Dynamic Facilitation techniques for decision-making, but that would seem to be a good fit. I really like #7- The Great Re-Skilling.

At any rate, that’s what I’m thinking about on a cold & rainy autumn day in the valley, as I clean up and get ready for the next adventure. (Moab on Monday!)

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