Write or die!

PV just sent me the coolest link! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It’s called “Write or Die” by Dr Wicked. There’s a free online version, or a desktop version for $10.

This is totally what I need- someone to crack the whip, even if it’s a virtual someone & I’m setting my own goals and consequences. Having tried it online, I have to say- when that screen starts blinking pink, you TYPE. Yep, it’s garbage. But the first draft is always compost, isn’t it?

Ran into a quote the other day, to the effect that “No one ever says “I’m not ever going to write a symphony.” They say “I’m going to write a symphony- tomorrow.”

So thanks, Dr Wicked, and PV… but I’ve gotta get busy.

PS- Kalua Pork update… I cooked it for 20 hrs, shredded it. It tastes like… shredded pork. Good shredded pork, but still. I expected something more. It will be very good w/some bbq sauce, though.

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