Yoga Farmgrrls

Nellie sez: Merry Christmas!

Nellie sez: Merry Christmas!

Well, tonight was my last session with the yoga farmgrrls till I come back next spring. I totally lucked out into this great group- this isn’t the only yoga group around, strangely enough. But a friend of the mater’s recommended it to me & I got the last spot. In fact, our fearless leader had been thinking of stopping for the summer, but we ended up w/6 people in JW’s loft room.

Most of the YFG’s live on farms or have lived on farms. One of the strangest things about our group (and there were more than a few strange things…) is that we almost all have ties to Star Tannery, a little dinky town in the mountains. Where one would not expect to find yoga @ the top of the activity list.

Also, where else is the chatter before class about various chicken ailments, herbal salve recipes and Nellie the piglet? A couple wks ago, GM adopted a runt piglet, so we were all treated to digital camera movies of Nellie being cute & smaller than a beer can. (She really is cute- what can I say?) I’m not sure if Nellie or the 4 big greeting-committee dogs are our mascots.

Anyway, I’m going to miss the yogafarmgrrls. Down dog just won’t be the same w/out them.

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