A Quiet Day

Christmas Market Poinsettias

Christmas Market Poinsettias

Well, as Brad O. pointed out in the comment from yesterday, quite a bit of my time in SMA is spent tearing around town ingesting stimulants.

Which might explain why some days I just hang around the casita, catching up w/myself. I’d planned to do the tour of the botanical garden here- El Charco del Ingenio. But it was cold & rainy (well, ok, relatively cold. And it was raining.) And the tour is every Tues & Thurs, so I can do it another day.

If I can’t take a break now & then, I may as well be one more crazy Yanqui, working myself to death.

So today was devoted to domesticity- cleaning the casita, airing the linens, moseying down the street to the tiendita for supplies. On the way, I stopped at the little carnita stand that’s been tempting me daily. They have huge hunks of roasted pork, and just carve off a hunk. They also sell manteca (lard) so I guess this is a full-scale operation.

It is really, really good roast pork. I ate several pieces as soon as I got it home, and then made some tacos w/fresh tortillas, guac & some really good salsa. Followed by a screwdriver made w/fresh-squeezed OJ, listening to Jack Johnson & reading Jimmy Buffett.

Took a nap listening to the little “NY birds.” That’s how I think of them. I’ve never seen them, but their conversation goes: Shaddup! Scat, Scat! What? Shaddup!

Tomorrow will most likely involve yoga & a showing of Food, Inc @ the Biblioteca. Unless I play hooky again. Hasta luego!

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