Astrology alert!

Well, there’s all sorts of strange stuff going on up there. Yes, it’s another darned Mercury Retrograde (my favorite), until Jan 15. So I will just apologize right now for all the bizarre emails & twitters you’ll be getting. Note to self: the send button is not your friend.

I know there are positive aspects to these retrogrades. Risa D’Angelis, of Night Light News, who is one smart cookie, calls it a chance to reassess & review what’s happened since the last retrograde. (She also says not to make big expenditures, or start new ventures!)

Also, tomorrow, has a bunch of wild stuff. Yes, it’s the last day of the year. It’s also a blue moon (second full moon in a calendar month) AND a lunar eclipse so get out there & watch it!

Astrogrrl has a pretty comprehensive take on all this. Astrocenter seems to think that b/c the lunar eclipse (letting go) is in Cancer (home & family) it will be about divesting in those areas, cleaning up physical & mental clutter.

There is also a little extra tension here in MX. I’ve heard several Mexican nationals say that b/c there were revolutions in 1810 (independence from Spain) and 1910 (kicking out dictator Porfirio Diaz), that they hope 2010 will be quiet.

Yes, astrology may be a bunch of hooey, and you may think I’m a nut. But… you can observe a lot just by watching, as Yogi Berra said.

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