Buenos Tardes from San Miguel de Allende!

Casita Garden

Casita Garden

Yes, dear readers, I finally made it! Got in last night after dark, and have set a new record for sleeping.

What am I doing in San Miguel? Here’s an article that explains it. And here’s where I’m staying. I’ll be adding more pix of my own here.

But mostly, I’m getting away from the snow, and experiencing a different culture. The kind where my landlord’s brother comes to fix the heater & stays to drink tea & tell me about his adventures in OK, being mistaken for a Choctaw Indian. And then goes back to work, across the street b/c that was his lunch break. (He’s a very fine artisan, with his own shop, who did a lot of the metalwork & furniture in the casita.)

I did get to the tienda (little store) down the street. My street is mainly dirt & cobblestones w/little narrow sidewalks. There are lots of open warehouses w/people working very hard. Very much a middle-class working n’hood. Lots of people out walking- students, moms & babies, grandmas. And lots of little stores- laundries, butcher shop, etc. There’s a bus that goes from my front door to downtown for 5 pesos, and taxis go by all the time ($2 to downtown.)

But I’m sheltered from all this by the cutest courtyard in the world! In side 10 ft brick walls, I have a fig tree, pomegranate, two papayas & a peach tree. Most have little brick walls (like wells) around them, and I’m to put my fruit peels there. They kind of compost around the tree trunks. Then there are all the flowers. So far, I’ve identified geranium & impatiens, but there’s also a neat herb that I don’t know. Most of the courtyard is little pebbles, and then the plants are in pots, at all different levels. The effect is very aesthetically pleasing & I’m sure it also saves water.

Anyway, I spent a good part of the morning just sitting there enjoying it. The n’bors were getting ready for some kind of little family fiesta & playing really good music. The sun felt so good! And I met a little hummingbird who likes all the red flowers.

So far I’ve eaten 2 avocados. Gosh, they were good. Absolutely perfect. I’ve also tried 2 kinds of white cheese & developed an addiction to guavas. (yes, that was fast.) I have a papaya in the fridge that’s as big as my head. Life is good! (And yes, I disinfected all of them.)

2 Responses to “Buenos Tardes from San Miguel de Allende!”

  1. Donna says:

    Welcome to paradise! You described your day so well and so lovingly. I could almost taste those two “aguacates.”

    If your readers would like to know even more about San Miguel de Allende and see lots of pix, they can visit http://www.experience-san-miguel-de-allende.com

    Enjoy your stay. We’re glad you’re here.

  2. Sara says:

    Muchas Gracias, Donna! I’m so happy to finally be here.

    And I love your website. I’ve used it a lot in my planning, especially the cooking school section.

    Thank you for helping us newbies figure things out!