Christmas Eve Eve

Fish Tacos & Cerveza Michelada

Fish Tacos & Cerveza Michelada

So, on the day before Christmas Eve, things are getting pretty crazy in SMA. I hear there aren’t as many tourists from the US as usual, but their are plenty of Mexican tourists to make up for that.

One cab driver explained: Mexico is the fiesta capital of the world, and San Miguel is the fiesta capital of Mexico. So evidently, when one wants to party, this is the place to be.

What that means to me is that I’m not getting a whole lot of sleep, and there are very few unoccupied taxis, which I never would have believed even a week ago. The green & white taxis are ubiquitous. But right now, they’re mostly full.

So I walked (yes, walked!) to downtown, met amiga P & we walked to a fish taco place for lunch. It had been highly recommended & rightly so. The fish was fried in a batter that rivaled tempura, and it was served w/salsa fresca & some creamy green sauce, instead of cilantro/cabbage slaw.

I first tried cerveza michelada a few days ago in Guanajuato. Considering that I’m not really a beer drinker, there isn’t anything much better after working up a sweat walking all over town. It’s a beer, but served with a glass with about 2 oz of a sauce that contains: Worc sauce, tabasco, lime juice and in this case, soy sauce. Really, really good.

It’s fun to see all the families coming to town for the holiday. There are helado (ice cream) stands popping up all over, with flavors like Rose Petal, among others. And the guys with towers of balloons. You wouldn’t even believe the pinatas. (I saw one of a llama today, and may have to go back for it, even though it won’t fit in a suitcase.)

There are fruit & veggie stands all over with mountains of tangerines, oranges & boiled peanuts. In my little n’hood (San Rafael), the women hobble up the hill with huge sacks of produce, getting ready for what must be incredible meals, and every little tortilla factory is running at full capacity.  Other women, from the country, set up impromptu stands with moss & poinsettias on the sidewalks & sit there all day with their children.

4 Responses to “Christmas Eve Eve”

  1. Brad says:

    What a remarkable thing to do to “Two-Horse Beer.” I googled – that stuff is catching on! What does it taste like? And what does “michelada” mean?

  2. Sara says:

    OK, it is becoming clear that Spanglish is not appreciated. From here on, I will attempt to be more universal.

    Yes, I thought Dos Equiis had something to do w/horses, too! But no! It is 2 XX’s (20? I don’t know…)

    And michelada, I haven’t a clue, except that it involves the spicy stuff to mix beer (cerveza) with. And it is muy sabroso (very tasty) and nothing like regular beer.

    Feliz Navidad, y’all (Merry Christmas to you & yours!)

  3. Brad says:

    Sara, as you know, I do not know Spanish. But I have been told that the reason “equis” means the letter “x” in modern Spanish is that this romance language took the Latin word for horse, “equus,” and used it to name the letter that was seen to look like a toy horse. Kinda like how a ten-dollar bill used to be called a sawbuck, and $20 a double sawbuck, because 10 in roman numerals is “X” and 20 is “XX.” An X shape to our forefathers was the wooden X you used to brace a log to saw it – a sawbuck. To some of the folks conquered by the Romans in the Iberian peninsula, it looked like a toy horse for a kid. Okay, I’ll stop pontificating now; pass me a cerveza muy sabrosa por favor…

  4. Sara says:

    Ha! Finally found a “recipe” for cerveza michelada: