Feliz Navidad

Baby Jesuses

Baby Jesuses

This week, everything is about Baby Jesus. I kept walking past stands of fancy baby clothes, but it took a while to realize that they were for the plaster Baby Jesus dolls. Evidently, each year, a family buys new clothes for their baby jesus & parades said baby around the house on Christmas Eve.

Baby Jesuses can range from the size of an actual newborn to about 4″ long. Very cool. It’s now about 3:30 PM, & has been very quiet.

I’ve been working on a tan & a bottle of Chilean red. Do not expect much sleep tonight, before a walking tour & brunch @ a fancy restaurant.

Feliz Navidad, y’all.

One Response to “Feliz Navidad”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, let’s hear it for all those Baby Jesuses!! I saw Scarlet earlier today in “Tickled Pink” and she, unwired one that she is, wished you a very merry Christmas and asked that you write her (on paper! using snail mail!!). And yet again, a very merry Christmas from me too.