Happy New Year’s Eve

Credit: "I'll Never Grow Up"

Well, I’m going to spend a fairly quiet evening in the casita. Fairly quiet, b/c I’m already playing Matt Darey podcasts, as my contribution to the neighborhood celebration. I’m certain they’ll enjoy that.

I made a tour of the market today, gathering supplies… Stopped & got some gorditas @ the tortilla stand. They are about 5″ round & nearly 1/2″ thick, and you slit them like a little pita bread, fill them w/good things & then grill them.

Then stopped at Pollo d’Daniel (Daniel’s Chicken) to get rotisserie chicken that is out of this world. There is a lot of salt & garlic involved, and it’s crispy as all get out.

Let’s see, also got some chopped nopales (cactus pads) now that I know how to make salad. I am really really missing lettuce salads, but I’m not that foolhardy.

Stopped @ Senora’s no-name tiendita for Oaxacan melty cheese, tamarinds & other stuff.

Oh, and mashed up the black sapotes & mixed w/oj, honey & cinnamon for a kind of raw chocolate pudding.

So I will be eating well, at the very least.

I’ve cleaned & boiled the tamarinds, & tomorrow will try my hand at my first agua fresca.

Oh, hey, that’s the neighbors now, coming to tell me how much they appreciate the music! See ya!

One Response to “Happy New Year’s Eve”

  1. Brad says:

    It’s 45 minutes into 2010 where we are and where you are too. Happy New Year, Kali Chronia, and Prospero Anno to you, Sara.