Organics in San Miguel

Via Organica Store & Cafe, San Miguel

Via Organica Store & Cafe, San Miguel

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead

Keeping in mind that San Miguel is referred to in Pt Townsend as “Pt Townsend, South,” it’s no great surprise that when I finally got to see the film Food, Inc ,  it was at the Biblioteca here. I saw it w/my yoga buddies Paul & Typhoo from Ottawa, and also (although I didn’t know until later) a retired Baptist minister & his wife, from AL. (This is the sort of Baptist minister who delivers learned talks to the Unitarian Universalists, so that’s a whole ‘nother story)

Anyway, my thoughts were AGAIN: “Preaching to the choir.” Yes, it’s a good film. And it covers a lot of the points we already know (Monsanto is Satan, right, right) and adds a few new ones (I did not know that Walmart is refusing to carry dairy w/rGBH. Which is a good thing- but I still won’t shop there.)

BUT… who is talking to the “Good Housekeeping” set? That’s what makes me crazy. Someone needs to make this information both accessible and acceptable to the average Joan in the US. Until then, we’re just talking to ourselves, and nothing much will change.

Yes, I agree w/the Margaret Mead quote. But someone needs to get the word out.

That said, there is an organic movement in San Miguel! Paul & Typhoo led Polly & me (all yoga norteamericanos) to Via Organica, a cafe/health food store in San Miguel. I believe it’s owned by these folks, the Via Organica farm, who are also sponsors of the Writers’ Conference that is bringing Barbara Kingsolver to town.

So, evidently, the small group of thoughtful people is gathering.

Oh, and more photos added.

I’m trying to do something new every day. Today I ate green chickpeas, steamed w/chile (kind of like edamames) and walked all the way from Centro to mi casita (It’s all downhill, sure, but it’s kind of like a steeplechase, as well.)

2 Responses to “Organics in San Miguel”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara, as you know, up here in PT of the North people keep saying “somebody needs to get the word out…” Somebody is you and me and anybody who cares about something enough to work for it. You write very well and take good photos. Why don’t you do some articles on organics south of the border and such, and submit them to any food or travel mag you can find? I bet you’d get published, and Joan and John would read the little tidbits inserted in your article about who is telling us what we must eat and why. By the way, Sandy and I were in Portland last week and found a fantastic drinking chocolate bar. Good on you for walking home! That deserves a Cuba Libra!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Brad, Oh, good to hear that drinking chocolate is catching on. I remember yrs ago Starbuck’s tried to do it. It tasted like hot Hershey’s syrup 😛

    I’m not sure I’m cut out to be Joan the Baptist re: food issues. I do think about it a lot, and talk about it a lot. That might be my role. But I do need to work on being less rabid about the subject. It scares ppl when I start frothing @ the mouth…

    It was interesting that AAUW in PT had a local food talk one month. A huge portion of the audience had read Animal, Veg, Miracle, which I think is the most accessible for ppl who aren’t already into the whole thing.

    Oh, BTW, “loca-vore” doesn’t work in Spanish, same as Chevy’s No-va car.