Sazon Market Tour & Cooking Class

Sazon Cooking School- Chef Fernando Padilla

Well, as many of you know, part of my goal in San Miguel is not just to eat the food, but learn to create it. So today was my first cooking class.

My landlord is a chef in the Bay Area- Agustin GaytanРand he actually helped found the Sazon school. The class I took  was a market tour and then bringing back our finds & watching chef make several recipes, and then eating them.

The regular chef was on vaca, so they tapped Chef Padilla, of Hotel Atotnilco el Viejo, a very upscale resort just out of town. Chef Padilla has training from the Culinary Institute (the other CIA, in NY), great patience, and (thank goodness) a sense of humor.

He led us thru the whole market, introducing us to all kinds of unfamiliar foods, waiting for me to take photos & buy coconut meat (yum!) and answering all kinds of bizarre questions (where can I buy agave nectar?)

What a wonderful day! I’ve discovered a whole new fruit- black sapotes.¬† They are the ugliest thing imaginable- when ripe they look rotten. But they are so good, just mash thru a strainer & mix in some OJ & cinnamon sugar. You can bet I’ll be eating a lot of these.

Here was our menu, and thanks to Chef Padilla, I believe I can re-create the whole menu. He really is a fantastic teacher, as well as a very talented chef.

Salsa ranchero en molcajete (roasted red salsa crushed in a volcanic grinding bowl)
Nopales a la cazuela (cactus cooked in a clay pot)
Salsa verde con aguacate (a raw tomatillo salsa w/avocado chunks)
Sopecitos con chorizo (little pies w/refried beans, & sausage)

Here is a link to the photos of the day.

And another one to Christmas photos. Yes, I had a terrific Christmas w/friend P. We went to brunch at a very fancy hotel, had LOTS of food & a mariachi band, playing in a beautiful courtyard complete with fountain.

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  1. Brad says:

    Wow! Sounds really tasty! And excellent photos, including one including you. You look great, and your friend looks really interesting.