The hunt for coffee

Cafe Media Naranja

Cafe Media Naranja

Well, my landlord Agustin was correct (no great surprise) and there is no real coffee in the n’hood tiendas. B/c I didn’t listen to him, I ended up drinking (gasp!) Nescafe that first day.

Obviously, the first order of business Friday was to find espresso & then some coffee for home.

First, I went to the biblioteca (library.) Why? B/c it’s in a beautiful old colonial mansion, and has not only a library, but a restaurant & art gallery, a courtyard where ppl meet up and best of all, is headqtrs for Atencion San Miguel newspaper which comes out every Fri. So Fri AM it’s traditional to go get the paper & have a capuccino & sit around. And I did. (Also got my library card & checked out a book: Lisa See’s Snow Flower & the Secret Fan.)

Then I started wandering around, and was looking @ this cute Farmacia, when I noticed the sign for Cafe Media Naranja. (1/2 an Orange.) Now, I knew about this from J&S, my first landlords in PT, who had told me that I MUST visit it and say hello for them.

So of course I went in, had a wonderful double Americano, a bowl of lentil soup (sopa des lentejas) and a green juice drink. (Made of juiced cucumber, cactus, spinach, ginger, celery, parsley, & pineapple.) In the US, that drink alone would be about $5. Here, it’s $1.60.

Then, I saw someone buying a bag of this marvelous coffee. As I was checking out, I got coffee & asked where I could find filters. The guy actually ran upstairs & gave me some that he was no longer using. What a sweetie. So I mentioned that I was a friend of J&S’s, figuring that he’d met probably a thousand ppl since then & wouldn’t remember. And he said “You’re a friend of J&S?? How are they? How could I ever forget them?”

True enough, J&S could make friends with a brick wall, but that is pretty amazing. Anyway, I have a new friend, 2 good cafes, a good book and coffee in my casita. Life is good. New photos here.

4 Responses to “The hunt for coffee”

  1. Brad says:

    Lady, you are amazing. We both know people who would want an armed guard just to go out on the street in ANY foreign country, and you’re already a local. And, I gather, a highly caffeinated one. 😉

  2. Sara says:

    Si, es verdad… I had a leeeetle trouble sleeping last night, thx to all the coffee.
    Also, my n’bors were having some sort of fiesta that involved a soundtrack from the 80’s. No Billy Idol, thank goodness.
    One of my next adventures will be visiting the lavenderia (sp?) b/c one isn’t allowed to wash one’s own clothes here?

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  4. Sara says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve seen a lot of spam, but this one deserves extra credit.