Top 10 reasons I may actually be Mexican

  1. My favorite clothes sparkle
  2. I think fireworks are a reasonable way to celebrate a funeral
  3. I think fireworks are a perfectly reasonable way to celebrate: funerals, weddings, homecomings, losing 10 lbs, finding your lost dog, etc.
  4. I cried when Tostitos discontinued Chile/Limon tortilla chips
  5. Winter makes me turn gray
  6. I think Doctors & Dentists should answer my questions
  7. I’m perfectly willing to share my favorite tunes w/the whole neighborhood
  8. I could probably live on horchata
  9. Tu, usted & ustedes make perfect sense to me. (You, Ma’am/Sir, Y’all)
  10. Siestas aren’t just a good idea; they’re the law.

2 Responses to “Top 10 reasons I may actually be Mexican”

  1. Brad says:

    Sara (what’s the diminutive in Spanish? Sarasita?), you may be right. Everybody has a home someplace, and it’s not always where we thought it was. We have two – Port Townsend and Amorgos. You may be finding yours. When you finally post pics of yourself, please may one be in a sombrero? I was a big fan of Duncan Renaldo (nobody knows where he was born but to me he was Mexican) and of Leo Carillo. Adios amigos, see you soon…

  2. Sara says:

    I’m starting to think I may have a lot of homes. But this & PT are definitely two of them.
    So far, I’ve not seen a single sombrero. What are very cool, though, are the straw cowboy (vaquero) hats. Those are tempting.
    Now I need to google those guys….