Full Moon @ El Charco

El Charco de Ingenio

Last week, I finally made it out to El Charco de Ingenio Botanical Garden. I say “out,” but one of the really interesting things is that it is inside the San Miguel city limits. It feels very “outside,” however.

There are twice-weekly tours which are very fun & informative. I did that on Tuesday. There are close ties with the local indigenous cultures, and this is very much a shared space.(Pix are here.)

There are birding groups, a conservatory, ruins of Spanish aqueducts, yoga classes… El Charco is a must see.

On full moon nights, there is a ceremony, open to anyone who cares to join in. So I talked ND from Nashville into going with me, and we had a great time, shaking rattles, invoking archangels & the whole works.  She’d been there for a sweat lodge before, which sounded quite strenuous to me ( 4 hours!!)

The moon was gorgeous and the night was calm and clear after a kind of overcast day. The stars were fantastic. Made me wonder why I’m not out at night more often? And how long has it been since I went camping? Food for thought.

One Response to “Full Moon @ El Charco”

  1. Caryl says:

    Hey Sara! I’m so glad you returned to El Charco for the Full Moon festivities! I was at Teotihuacan for the Full Moon on Pyramid of the Moon, but we got rained out. Oh well, I had climbed the Pyramid of the Sun and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and explored the out lying palaces the day before. But I highly recommend spending a couple days exploring the pyramids! And the food was outstanding at Pyramid Charlies! I know! The name is kinda goofy, but the service is positively Continental! And the food is great! I cannot wait to return to magical Mexico!