Happy 3 Kings Day!

Rosca de Reyes- 3 Kings Cake

If you follow the church calendar, this is Epiphany (the day the 3 wise guys showed up.) It’s a big holiday here, celebrated w/rosca de reyes, tamales & hot chocolate.

In Mexico, this is the primary gift-giving day & the last of the winter fiestas. Which means that my main street is now a mercado zone- there are little stores covered with tarps selling all manner of things, but mostly toys for kids.

OK, follow-up from yesterday:

I skipped the Tues Market… yesterday’s yoga left me sore in places I didn’t know I had. And I can do w/out sweats for another wk. (BTW, remind me to tell you about Tues Market. It’s not the usual shopping expedition!)

Went to the Feldenkrais lecture/demo. No, I was not the sample patient. But I was very impressed w/the non-exercises we did. Yes, they did actually make a difference. Really liked Richard Adelman, our Feldenkrais guy here. (Former long-term Berkeley resident & bongo drum teacher. Sounds like PT, doesn’t it?)  He made the theory understandable, and the non-exercises bore out his assertions.  As he says, it’s counter-intuitive, but it works. I may check into having a session or two with him.

A Wooly Kabis is a fancy restaurant with a fancy bar. Lots of women; the only men present were waiters & the occasional itinerant mariachi band. National drinks are: cerveza, margaritas (rocks or frozen), tequila, rum or vodka. (I guess if you’re Russian, vodka is a nat’l drink. I did not see any Russians in Wooly Kabis.) Botanas (snacks) are: popcorn with the first round, nachos w/the 2nd round, & who knows what for round 3. Having never been to a ladies’ night @ a bar, it was an interesting experience.

Had a fun talk w/my cab driver on the way home. NO, he did not offer to teach me to make national drinks. I’m starting to think of the cab rides as cheap Spanish conversation classes.

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