I need a vacation!

So I’m heading to the coast for a week. It’s turned cold & overcast here (the cognoscenti say that’s normal for Jan, but I didn’t get the memo), so it’s the perfect time for a road trip.

This really is last minute (I just found out about it @ yoga this AM, & didn’t get back here to the casita until 9:30 PM. I leave @ 7AM, and most of my clothes are at the laundry…)

Will get to see Guaybitos (where we’re staying ) w/side trips to Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta & San Blas. A whole new part of MX to explore! And it  looks like whale watching season!!

They say we’ll have internet in the lobby, so I’m bringing the computer… We’ll see. Will try to keep you all posted. Have the camera & charger packed already, never fear.

Now need to pack…  Hmm… I’ll bet they have clothes over there, too.

2 Responses to “I need a vacation!”

  1. Brad says:

    And shoes. They will have shoes over there. You cn never have too many…

  2. Sara says:

    Sad to say, I have already found a shoe store. Beach shoes are a whole different category, so they don’t count, right?
    I did pass by the shoe store. Did not pass by 2 margaritas & coconut shrimp. Oh well…